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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Physiology of Erotic Spanking and the Pain/Pleasure Phenomenon

Evening dear readers-- below is an article I saved as a Word document some time ago that I thought was very relevant and instructive to our interests. Unfortunately I did not save the reference, but if anyone knows of one, I will gladly footnote it.


Physiology of Erotic Spanking and the Pain/Pleasure Phenomenon

Endorphins are peptides (amino acid chains) released by the brain, in response to pain and stress. They are morphine-like compounds. The brain triggers the release of endorphins when a stimulus is interpreted as pain, in order to raise the pain threshold and make the pain more tolerable. With erotic spanking, there is an additional ingredient; sexual arousal. Because of this, and because of a specific physiological cycle, it is important to have a slow and gradual warm up.

First, the physiological cycle… The psychological build up to the spanking (anticipation) is sexually arousing, in and of itself. Being put over someone’s lap, perhaps having your bottom and back sensually stoked. The commencement of the spanking, having your bottom bared as the gradual warm-up spanking continues. The arousal slowly builds as the endorphins are gradually being released by the brain, triggered both by the erotic tension and the spanking, itself. As the endorphin level in the bloodstream elevates, the pain threshold gradually increases. Thus, the severity of the spanking can gradually increase and still be interpreted as pleasure. This cycle continues…. Sexual arousal builds, more endorphins are released, pain threshold increases, spanking severity increases. The spanking, still being interpreted as pleasure further increases sexual arousal, more endorphins are released, pain threshold increases, spanking severity increases. And, etc……

This is a gradual process. The top must be sensitive to the body language of the bottom, and not introduce too much severity too soon. If the spanking starts out too severe, a large amount of endorphins will be released pre-maturely; before sufficient sexual arousal has built. The pre-mature introduction of severe pain combined with the resultant endorphin release can totally quash sexual arousal and orgasm potential.

This is why it is crucial to start light; with a slow warm up, gradually increasing in severity. In order to accomplish this, the top must be sensitive to the body language of the bottom. Many females are capable of a spontaneous orgasm during a spanking (with no direct sexual stimulation), if the top is sufficiently sensitive to body language, and integrates sensuality with the spanking.

Below is a link to a fantastic clip of a hot spanking provided to a naughty schoolgirl over the plaid skirt and followed by a good panty spanking. As indicated above, this can often serve to highlight the buildup of pleasure/pain when providing a good spanking!



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