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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Why Temperature Taking?

Many spankos on this blog- and others, seem keenly interested in rectal temperature taking as perhaps a pre-amble to an over the knee bottom warming, or as a moment of respite in between spankings.

So what makes rectal temperature taking appealing? Could it be that the site of a rectal thermometer in the medicine cabinet (with a jar of Vaseline), invokes the same personal (childhood) embarrassment as the site of a hairbrush or a ping pong paddle on the dresser?

In my personal experience, most spankers/spankees enjoy a level of anal play. Rectal thermometers are perfect for the novice bottom who may be receptive to moderate anal play, but are a bit apprehensive with bigger objects which may present discomfort if not inserted properly -- or too eagerly :-) My personal preference is for the old mercury based glass thermometers* (although they should be handled with great care because they're glass and breakable), as they are typically thin, and long enough to remain tucked in a well spanked bottom without a need to hold it in place.

As with spanking, caution should be used when taking a temperature-- and careful detail can provide a safe, and highly effective way of enhancing a spanking experience. Like all anal toys, NEVER insert a thermometer so deeply so as to cause discomfort. Always make sure you have your spankee positioned firmly over your lap to prevent any abrupt movements which can have un-intended consequences. As with ANY anal play, lubrication is a must.

To open the spanked cheeks with thumb and forefinger and to 'gently' insert a thermometer an inch or two will promote a (non-intimdating) feeling of being both exposed and invaded- a feeling I have found seems universally enjoyed by most who enjoy being over a spanker's lap. Slowly (gently) rotating the well lubricated thermometer with your thumb and middle finger will often produce a knowing- over the shoulder, grin from your red rump lass, that you're playing the right notes.

Taking rectal temperatures safely can add an interesting (and more intimate) angle to the spanking experience and can open doors (pardon the pun) to other fun (safe) anal activities. Truth be told, many women are highly anally erotic, however many more may be apprehensive due to an unpleasant experience with an unpracticed or over eager lover who may have been more interested in his own pleasure than hers.

Proceed with caution-- always play with clean equipment and remember, if you're really interested in getting her to let you in her backdoor, there are a lot of nerve endings in the anal region, so often very delicate contact can elicit a favorable response.

Bottoms Up!

*Glass mercury based thermometers were commonly used in past, however many of these thermometers (while accurate) have been discontinued due to the possibility of breakage and the potential for mercury poisoning. They are no longer available in most local pharmacies, but digital thermometers and others can be purchased and enjoyed as such without fear of accidental breakage. For the connoisseur, you can still find some of the old glass mercury thermometers (red tipped) on E-bay.


mitch said...

To me, the interest in rectal temperature taking is due to the intimate nature of the act, and the helplessness (vulnerability) of being OTK with a thermometer inserted. The same feelings may be at play for those who enjoy enemas.


Dave said...

Nice article. It's certainly a most intriguing, dare I say, well, feverish, topic.

I definitely can see
you opening up your own "Spank School" with 'hands-on' seminars on such topics as this one -- how cool would that be? :)

keep up the great blogging,

Chris said...
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Miss Francy said...

Mmmm ... I'm a big believer in temperature taking - especially to find out if someone is faking illness to get out of taking a test or something. The thermometor doesn't lie! And has been the cause of many a red bottom, that's for sure.

Since I love to spank men, I also insert a thermometor in his trembling little anus as a way of encouraging him to have a little humility. You know how cocky you men can be sometimes. There is something very humbling about being a grown man with his butt up in the air over the lap of a woman - add a thermometor lodged in his little hole and you have a very horrified gent.

I also find that it is a great tool to teach him what it's like to have his privacy invaded. Some men are known to do a little window peeping or rifling through a lady's panty drawer - and they need to learn exactly what it's like to be exposed and violated. I find that spreading his cheeks wide and sliding in a greasy thermometor is just the ticket!

When I spank women, I find that temp taking is an excellent way to check and make sure her bright red bottom is not affecting her general health. It's a good way to keep tabs (even if she does enjoy it a little too much!)

Miss Francy

Sheena's Tamer said...

That "area" is taboo with us. No interest whatsoever by either of us. To each his own.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Miss Francy a lady after my own heart!I would love to be across your knee, with my member being held firmly between your smooth thighs while you lubed up the thermometer. How exciting!

Anonymous said...

mijn stiefbroer vond het prettig om mijn temperatuur op te meten liefst elke zondagmorgen in mijn kont, vaak vond ik het best maar ook had ik wel eens geen zin , maar dan hing daar de liniaal aan een haakje op de kast en altijd als ik binnen kwam zag ik de liniaal hangen en die werd aleen maar gebruikt op mijn blote billen.

Anonymous said...

ik kreeg ook altijd straf van mijn broer blote billenkoek en de bipsthermometer 10 minuten en zelf de vaseline eraan doen ba lul