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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Spanking G Spot?

While there seems to be volumes written on position and implementation with respect to spanking, often overlooked, is the concept of where is a spanking most effective/desirable? Is there such a thing as a spanking G-Spot?

Spankees typically enjoy the 'afterglow' of a good stinging session over a knee. For some it can be motivating--for others it creates a sense of well being (or order) that can't be obtained in other daily activities.

Whatever your desire, the female bottom is a luscious, round orb- perhaps natures clever design with the firm handed male in mind? Womens bottoms seem to blossom when their panties are taken down, creating an innate urge to pat or swat when exposed bare in front of a lover. So where does the "G" spot lie with respect to spanking?

While I can't speak for all women, the overwhelming percentage of women I have been in contact with over the years, seem to have a 'sweet spot' which resides where the top of the legs (hamstring) and the bottom cheeks meet. This is typically the fleshiest part of the behind, and for those who like a good long butt burning, if properly warmed up, concentrating on this area is likely to prolong the experience and provide her with a deliciously warm reminder for at least a few hours after your disciplinary attention. For this reason, spanking with a belt or instrument that is difficult to control can often cut short a disciplinary session, as it may leave un-intended marks are welts in areas not fully designed to withstand such corrective action.

Flatter implements with 'give' are my preference, or bare hand due to the intimacy and can assure that your corrective attention hits the mark every time!



Terry said...

I've found that the most sensitive spot is what I refer to as the "upswelling base" of the nude behind. It is just slightly above the creaseline where the fanny meets the upper thigh. And just above the upswelling base are the cheekcrowns, often described as the most prominent curve of the impudent bottom. I generally tend to avoid the tops and sides of the bottomblobes, although I do deliver a few perfunctory swats to these regions just to give the naughty culprit the sensation of having had her entire naked fanny warmed.

Sheena's Tamer! said...

There are certainly "target" areas. Sheena seems to like a bit higher and (suprise to me) in the middle, hitting both cheeks at the same time. Once I was told of her "g-spot", I zeroed in. Now there's a bit of "foreplay" in other areas, until her favorite spot gets it! :)

blisspank said...

Using tha anus as the bottom's bull's eye, I find spanking kuist aboube and aroudn this puckered target seems to impress the lesson most effectively

Anonymous said...

I like the areas mentioned, but I also get off on the rhythm of the spanking and the alternating of each cheek so that both cheeks are warmed evenly, and they get a brief second of respite while one cheek, then the other is spanked. The spanking rhythm in itself is very comforting.
Even though your bare cheeks are getting sizzled by the toy of choice.
Of course a nice firm hand is still my favorite! Mmmmmmm!