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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Enemas before anal play/sex?

Unquestionably, spankos of all walks seem to warm to the idea of anal play-- whether before, during or after a spanking. Is there anything cuter than a tight, pink, hairless rosebud nestled deep in between two freshly spanked globes? Ladies have you ever felt more exposed then when being over the knee of a spanking gentleman with your rosey cheeks pulled apart in full view of a prying eye, or a well lubricated finger, plug or thermometer?

Research has shown that even vanilla women occasionally enjoy anal intimacy, as it makes them feel like a bad girl-- doing something 'taboo' and perhaps in contradiction to their upbringing. To be sure, the anus is an erogenous region, being a part of the anatomy where several nerve endings reside. However, due to its' intended bodily function of eliminating waste, many women are a bit uptight about their backdoors, and offering unrestricted access to their most private orifice. The good news is, with a little preparation, anal play / sex can be not only fun, but you can bend over and offer your wink with the assurances that no unwanted suprises might spoil the mood.

Enemas and colonics (colonic irrigation is the Naturopathic terminology) have been used for thousands of years, and have long been thought to be therapeutic and health promoting. Jethro Kloss's book "Back to Eden" recommends colonics for conditions ranging from fever to the common cold to skin conditions. Conventional medicine often prescribes enemas prior to invasive therapies like Colonoscopy or many surgical procedures. Still others are prescribed enemas for conditions of bowel irregularity. While the full application of enemas and colonics goes well beyond the scope of this short post, it is not surprising the use of enemas/colonics would find a following in those who may enjoy invasive anal play. What's more, many Wholistic healers recommend fasting and warm water / coffee / castille soap enemas to promote health, ridding the lower GI of potentially toxic materials that may build up due to bowel irregularity or the highly refined diet that most western societies enjoy. CAUTION- NOTHING SHOULD EVER BE FORCED IN THE ANUS and if a pre-existing condition of the lower GI is present, it would be wise to seek medical advice before indulging in enemas / colonics. An interesting guide on the therapeutic use of enemas and colonics can be found HERE.

Ladies, you may wish to safely administer an enema in privacy, or incorporate it into your bare bottom discipline regimen. Personally, I have safely given an enema or two over the years to a few naughty females, and when the urge to eliminate becomes strong, I provide a vigorous hand spanking before allowing my bare bottom little princess to scamper off to the bathroom to do her business. There are a number of enema products (rectal syringes, disposable Enemas bottles/solutions) that can be used.

Who says anal play has to be a deal breaker? The key to anal fulfillment is being able to relax without fear of embarassment, or as one my dear readers put it, the 'ick factor'. Remember, if you're itching to bend over and offer that special paddler in your life your most prized girly charms, hygiene and cleanliness will go a long way.

Bottoms up!


Anonymous said...

What an excellent piece of Blogography. I am now totally inspired and quite curious. You have obviously researched this subject well. Foolish me, to think Jethro Kloss was a forgotten entity. BRAVO!

Vini Demon

Dave said...

Excellent, informative post as always!


Anonymous said...

Great blog. I noted your anal comments. I started a blog that features both spankings and enemas. The blog address is

Check it out, feel free to feature it as a link.



Anonymous said...

oke je bent betrapt meissie een pak op je billen of een thermometer in je bipsje kies maar

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Clare Fonda get a big soapy enema!

Anonymous said...

crazy idea i know but how do u think credit cruch affected porn?