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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rectal Temperature Taking...

Rectal Temperature taking is a hit with spankos. Speaking personally, I enjoy it immensely and over the years, have incorporated it into countless 'over the knee' episodes. The vast percentage of women I have known who enjoy spanking, also seem to enjoy a level of anal play- although perhaps shared on a bit less casual level due to the sexual overtones. To this extent, the rectal thermometer may allow a woman to explore this wonderfully erogenous area, without the pain and discomfort that bigger items may bring- or at least to start small and work your way up (pardon the pun).

Rectal Thermometers are one of those implements we seem to remember when being spanked as a youth. For this reason, they are often a subset (but certainly NOT an exclusive component)of age play and infantilism.

But there is something deliciously HOT about a cute girl with a red behind and a rectal thermometer sticking out from between two freshly spanked cheeks. Often temperature taking can be done as a punishment (humiliation in a non-vile form), or my personal favorite-- rectal temps can be taken as a respite in between spankings or just to prolong a spanking session.

Mercury thermometers have since been removed from the market up here in the Northeast - due to the well known dangers of mercury. However, they still rank among my personal favorites, as many of them came with a stand-- that along with a jar of vaseline (or water based lube if you prefer) provides a stark visual reminder for that misbehaving brat in your life.

To be certain, extreme care should be employed when taking a rectal temperature, so as to avoid breakage of the thermometer. Opening the cheeks with the thumb and reading finger, while gently inserting the thermometer an inch or so while rolling it between your fingers can provide an interesting (and rewarding) sensation for those ladies seeking to relax a bit after a good ass warming. Most men find this sort of play very visually arousing so it can often be a great pre-cursor to sex as well.

Love to hear from all the guys and girls who enjoy rectal temperature taking!



Dave said...

It's also a more accurate, am I right?

btw, I have seen a company that makes a buttplug shaped like a thermometer--ingenious.


Michael said...

Rectal temps are in fact more accurate than other forms of taking body temp.

In addition, taking a rectal temp is the 'christian' way of birth control where daily readings can determing when a woman is done ovulating. During the time of the month when a woman is done ovulating, you will normally see a temperature spike - this approach is called the Sympto Thermal Method to birth control.

More information can be found here



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RECTAL TEMPERATURE TAKING is "standard procedure" in all PLAY DOCTOR examinations. Having the panties lowered, the anus lubricated, the thermometer inserted --- and then having to lie there for 4 minutes while it registers --- is an ultimate act of submission. Further (and those who make videos don't get it) taking the actual temperature reading is very important.


Anonymous said...

If the person w2ho is having their temperature taken has been especially naughty or bratty then you can always lube up the thermometer with something with a bit of a "kick" like Tiger Balm or Vicks Vapo Rub - from personal experience - it is a very good "reminder" of who is in charge and to be a lot nicer ... this combined with a really good spanking is an excellent corrective procedure...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have a few rectal temps of willing ladies and it very erotic. I position them across my lap and give their cheeks a mice rubbing before inserting the thermometer. They seem to enjoy the insertion of the thermometer into their waiting tushy. It is usually followed by a sound spanking for some infraction.