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Monday, June 14, 2010

Practical guide to meeting a spanking partner!

Hello dear readers- I have returned - albeit for as long as my schedule allows, after a long hiatus. I have noticed my list of subscribers has grown - and I feel I owe it to them to generate a good post from time to time.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the nice weather - we certainly had a better spring up here in the Northeast than last spring / early summer with all that rain. Here's wishing for a great summer!

Anyway, today's topic is a practical guide to meeting a spanking partner. It's my hope that those reading may also post their thoughts / experiences with respect to finding that special top or bottom.

For many, this list may seem fundamental, but for all intents and purposes people, finding a person who shares this interest does not obviate the basics when it comes to general etiquette and communication skills.

  • Be polite - people into spanking are not devoid of feelings and general wants and needs.
  • Don't be presumptuous - just because someone shares this interest, does not necessarily a match make.

When posting an on-line profile:

  • Share some general interests about yourself. The spanking world is a wonderful one, but when a delightful bottom or heavy hand is attached to an interesting person - it makes the whole interaction far more exciting and meaningful.
  • Don't oversell yourself. People are generally distrustful of folks who sell them hard-- be direct enough to get your point across (assertiveness is good) but not too pushy to look like a brute.
  • Have a "recent" picture available. Come on people, it's 2010-- if you don't have a picture - you're either hiding something or not very serious about your interests. (Note: discretion is understandable for some people, so be patient with those who may be apprehensive to send out pictures with steamy e-mails until a level of trust has been established.)
  • Do NOT assume because a person wants a spanking they are seeking to be a slave, slut or have low self esteem. It's certainly true enough that spanking is part of our sexuality, but express your limits / expectations with all of this.
  • Be HONEST about your intent. There are a TON of time wasters and wankers on-line- and it's OK to be curious, but do not mislead.
  • Network and discuss your interests with others who share in this interest.
  • Be creative - for many the spanking experience is equals parts emotional / physical. In my experience females migrate to gentleman who are well directed, have a good vocabulary (communication is a MUST) and understand the emotional bond that comes with discipline. One word solicitations are about as thought provoking as "nice cakes baby".
Finally, HAVE FUN and when considering a real time meeting - ALWAYS choose a public place that allows either party the ability to bow out in the event that one person misrepresented themselves or their interests.

I'd also like some input from my dear readers with respect to compiling a list of sites that may have a personals section where spankos can meet.

Bottoms up!


Monday, September 7, 2009

School days and hand spankings!

Good day dear readers- hope all of you had a great summer! It certainly didn't start out very nice up here in New England with rain for most of May, June and July, but August and even September have been quite nice!

My bet is that we get an Indian summer this year. Back to school is our current theme of the day, which in the minds of spankos provides memories of naughty girls in plaid skirts and pigtails.

Feel free to follow the link below and watch a cute brunette get her skirt flipped up and panties lowered for some hot correction!

School Days: Cute student being spanked by firm headmaster courtesy of Tnaflix

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

To spank or not to spank?

Hello Dear Readers and a wonderful spring Saturday morning to you all!

Watching things closely economically speaking, and believe America is getting a much overdue spanking for it's financial imprudence over the last decade. Hopefully, we can set ourselves straight and recover after this correction, although I'm cautious given the way our Congress and politicians seem to be complicating the mess.

Anyway-- on to our favorite topic - SPANKING! Some of you may have touched on this subject and questioned whether spanking was for your relationship? Is it normal for adult couples to consider such activities? Does engaging in such activities constitute a desire/interest for abusive activities? Would my neighbors approve? How will I know it's right for me?

The answer to these questions are largely subjective - and while we're all wired a bit differently, many of us do find a form of juvenile excitement in spanking a bare behind. Our interests are largely predicated on our level of intent.

For some, spanking is strictly an erotic activity; a playful spank perhaps to get the juices flowing before lovemaking. For them a person who is open to this activity, but not over the top with it, will suffice.

Others, may enjoy a bit more theater with their spanking. They too may also enjoy spanking as a prelude to sex, but by incorporating things like role play, wearing outfits, rituals associated with spanking (positioning, lowering the panties, etc.), they feel more comfortable expressing their spanking fantasies, and require a more astute/practice spanker to satisfy their needs. Spankings can range from playful to moderately disciplinary, and usually bring with it a good bond of trust.

For those interested in incorporating a form of domestic discipline, spanking for real offenses is often the goal. While I view it as the most fulfilling level of spanking, it requires patience, deep trust and commitment/responsibility to follow thru with this sort of activity. It is not infrequent for long term lovers or spouses to explore domestic discipline 'after the honeymoon' phase of the relationship. The reasons for this vary; some say added spark, other say keeping each other in line. It's my personal belief that as we grow with one another, while our love may deepen, we better understand our partners (their strengths and shortcomings), and thru "tough love" we are able to express ourselves as to what behavior we may view as unacceptable or detrimental to the viability of the relationship (often coined 'boundaries'). Of course, this is not to say spanking can revive a badly damaged relationship, but for some- whose relationships have not been irreparably harmed, domestic discipline may provide a useful outlet to mend fences.

If you're considering going bottoms up in a relationship, talk to your mate. Discuss with each other your level of intent. If you're open minded enough, try to network with others who may already include spanking as part of their relationship and see what has worked for them. Today there are many good resources (blogs, websites, etc.) that provide a baseline knowledge of consensual spanking and the many benefits a sore behind can provide.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hot Spankings - Going out of Business Sale!

Hello Readers- during these difficult financial times, everyone loves a bargain. And right now Jennifer Brooks website HOT SPANKINGS has half off on all spanking related stuff (M/F, F/F, F/M). Everything MUST go-- DVD's currently half off. Sale good until March 30th, 2009!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christian Domestic Discipline

I found this site recently and actually enjoyed the more traditional view of Christian marriage.

Here is a brief introduction that seems to mesh well with the concept of Domestic Discipline.


A domestic discipline marriage is one in which one partner in the marriage is given authority over the other and has the means to back the authority, usually by spanking.

A Christian Domestic Discipline marriage is one that is set up according to Biblical standards; that is, the husband is the authority in the household. The wife is submissive to her husband as is fit in the Lord and her husband loves her as himself. He has the ultimate authority in his household, but it is tempered with the knowledge that he must answer to God for his actions and decisions. He has the authority to spank his wife for punishment, but in real CDD marriages this is taken very seriously and usually happens only rarely. CDD is so much more than just spanking. It is the husband loving the wife enough to guide and teach her, and the wife loving the husband enough to follow his leadership. A Christian marriage embodies true romance and a Christian man a true hero.

Though this seems unusual in today's United States, this kind of marriage has been practiced throughout history and is still practiced in many parts of the world today.

Check this site out Traditional Christian Marriage

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hand Spanking- That Personal Touch!

Evening dear readers- warm holiday wishes to all. Thanksgiving ranks with the Fourth of July as one of my favorite holidays. It's a great time for family and friends, good food & spirits- but yet isn't over-commercialized like other US holidays. Although with the way the economy is going, it looks like that might change here in the states. Not necessarily a bad thing!

I've been thinking a bit lately about some of my most memorable spanking experiences. Over the years, I've been blessed to meet a host of enjoyable women who were open to exploring this wonderfully intimate interest. And speaking of intimacy is there anything more wonderfully erotic or deliciously personal than hand spanking a bare behind?

So what makes hand spanking unique?

Hand spanking can be deeply intimate as the hand to ass contact creates a personal connection, often not found with (colder) implements.

When administered properly it not only leaves the spankee with a flaming behind, but those administering a heavy hand share in the heat and tender aftermath (with a stinging palm) of a good spanking session.

The hand can act as an extension of the mind; resolute and swift when the situation may arise.

Hands provide a good (lasting) sting, but do not bring the deep bruising that heavier implements can.

Hands- like behinds, can be very sexy.

A hand spanking can be administered anywhere- in a moments notice-- adding a further element of spontaneity to domestic discipline.

A hand spanking provides a great level of control and accuracy, making it the implement of choice for newbies as well as seasoned spankers.

The hand makes a marvellous slapping sound, and coupled with promises to "be good", this can add a great level of sexual energy to your relationship.

In close, traditional hairbrushes, bath brushes, paddles, slippers can all have their appeal. But nothing tells that flaming bottom you care, like a good firm hand!

Find the perfect stocking stuffers for your naughty lil bare bottom elf here

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spanking for real offenses!

Evening dear readers-- the fall is here and the holidays are soon to follow. Lots of bad economic news lately and while Wall Street and the big banks bear a good portion of the blame, the profligate US consumer could benefit from a good trip over a knee as well.

With this thought in mind, my attention turns to spanking for real offenses. Spanking for real offenses is a steamy endeavor chiefly because it involves a greater mental connection and deeper trust. At its core, spanking for real offenses brings us back to a time when our inappropriate behavior resulted in an authoritative figure (someone whom we knew and/or viewed as a responsible caregiver) taking corrective action to protect us against careless / reckless or even harmful behavior. An erudite schoolteacher with birch in hand, often ridiculed for his quirky conventional mannerisms as was Ichabod Crane in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

But spanking for real offenses, can have DEEP emotional roots - as in doing so , we are exposing ourselves, and ultimately conceding to our disciplinarian where improvement needs to be made, and trusting them to follow thru with the task of keeping us honest. As adults many spankos have an elder spanking figure lurking in their past with which to recollect and possibly recreate their secret need to be taken to task from time to time. Such a character need not at all to be physically appealing (often they are not) but rather someone perceived as a 'no nonsense' disciplinarian, viewing their duty of reddening a bottom as part of a days work.

Perhaps you've got a money management problem 0r can't seem to balance your checkbook? Still worse, you may understand you need to quit smoking or don't always stop drinking when the socially acceptable limit has been met? Do you have a curfew? Use foul language, or just simply procrastinate about things?

I'd enjoy hearing from all the ladies or gentleman out there who have been spanked / or have spanked for real offenses, and share their experiences with our readers.